Coming soon from Deal Locators:


The new Online Marketplace from Deal Locators

Everyone can Buy and Sell Online with the Deal Locators Selling Online Marketplace

♦ Access For All

♦ More Deals

♦ More Products

♦ More Choice

Deal Locators aims to provide its customers with value-for-money deals.

Buyers: Can you get a true value-for-money deal when using an online marketplace?

Do you think that sellers are forced to increase their prices because of the high charges they have to pay to the online marketplace owner?

Sellers: Are your profit margins being eroded too much by online marketplaces?

Is your experience of expensive selling and listing fees accompanied by unfathomable charges that are far from transparent?

Have you had enough of dealing with overseas call centres?

Deal Locators is working hard to provide:

♦ A British-based online marketplace called Selling that will be cheap to use, and

♦ Will have a simple and understandable charging structure.

More Details will be announced shortly.